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Updated BlogCFC2WordPress to be compatible with WP 3.5

From the original BlogCFC2Wordpress utility:

This utility will migrate your data from a BlogCFC db into an existing WordPress 2.0 db. It has been tested on CFMX7 and BlueDragon 6.2 running on Windows against a MySQL 4 db and BlogCFC v. 3.8. The schema for v.5 of BlogCFC has some new fields added but it doesn’t look significantly different so it will probably work with minor modification. All the logic is contained in cfc’s and there is no funky sql syntax or stored procs so it should work with other databases.

This is an update to the above utility that will migrate your BlogCFC database to WordPress 3.5+

Download the WordPress 3.5 compatible version here.

Download the WordPress 2.0 compatible version here.

Thank you to Sean Tierney from Grid7.com for writing it, and of course to Ray Camden for BlogCFC and to the WordPress team.