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Twitter Widget Pro does not update Tweets: one fix

Twitter Widget Pro Stopped updating Tweets
Twitter Widget Pro stopped working.
Twitter Widget Pro fails to update Tweets

Just a quickie for those who are stymied by the fact that the WordPress plugin Twitter Widget Pro seems to work, then stop, or to fail to work at all.

It’s not Twitter Widget Pro’s fault. There might be a conflict with other plugins, something in your theme, or in your .htaccess file.

I’ve just re-discovered the cause of my own issue.

It is a conflict with another plugin. Specifically Better WordPress Security, and even more specifically, one of the rules that are inserted into the .htaccess file when one chooses to add the anti-hacking rules (Ban tab ▶ User and Bot Blocklist ▶ Add Host and Agent Blocklist ▶ [ ] Check this box to enable HackRepair.com’s blacklist feature.).

My fix was to remove the added .htaccess rules. I haven’t taken the time to figure out exactly which one it is, however. That would be a long and tedious testing process.

May I recommend to the developer, should they read these comments to include the above fact in their FAQ? I bet it would save a lot of headaches both in terms of support and for the general users.

Good luck, fine people, I hope this helps.