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Too much chili or pepper? How to rescue your meal

Put too much chili, put too much pepper? How to rescue your meal!

The short answer: Anything with lactic acid or brown sugar. That means milk, cream, canned milk or cream, even ice-cream! Try coconut milk or coconut cream, that’ll give you a real Thai flavour. Brown sugar or molasses will also take the bite out of “hot spices”. I don’t think that soya “milk” (ugh! Vegetable juice pretending to be “milk”) will work. Lime or lemon juice should also do the trick. Ever notice how Thai food has coconut milk, lime and burning spices? There’s a reason for it.

I haven’t tried it, but there’s the very off-chance that honey might work, but try it very very carefully. Take a half-ladle out of your pot and try mixing it with your honey in a separate container first.

Let me know if this works for you.